It's our job to take away your Monday blues with another of our (on-time this week) meet the team editions. Or a wee blast of The Mamas and The Papas, if they're more your bag...

Today we have for you our Marketing Assistant (and newest member of the team), "The Wean" Louise Hogg, who has a slight obsession with cups and a rather large love for cats... let's meet our own resident crazy cat lady...

Branding boutique Cat
Branding Boutique
Mug Cup Branding Boutique

Q: Hi Louise, let's get started, tell me what a typical day in the office looks like for you? 

A: Well since I've started working at BB, it 100% starts with a cup of tea (as you may be aware from previous meet the team posts), sometimes I don't even want tea, but it's a habit! My day usually starts with checking my emails to see what's going on, having a chat with the team about what needs done and then I make my to-do list for the day. That's just a basic start, everything and anything can happen in this office - there's never a boring minute I can tell you that! 


Q: Oh Tea(m) BB! What would you say is your favourite thing to do in summer?

A: A wee hillwalk is always good fun in summer, well...that is until I'm huffing and puffing and sweating up the hill, it always sounds fun. 


Q: Sounds delightful... Moving on, if there was a movie made about your life, what genre would it be?

A: Definitely a comedy, probably one of those comedies where there's a really clumsy person starring in it...that would be me. 


Q: Speaking of funny in that case, do you have any weird quirks?


I'm one of those annoyingly organised people who writes extensive lists for everything (my partner will vouch for that when I pack for holidays, he's the polar opposite). I really love to write a list with a pen and paper, I know there's apps on your phone for list making but there's something really satisfying about the 'old fashioned' way. 


Q: You can't go wrong with a bit of paper and pen! Tell me, do you have any addictions?

A: Cats and Cups. 

I blame my mum for the cat obsession, we used to have 6 at the one time when I was younger! Our cats are part of the family (we even sign their names on things like Christmas cards), all with their little personalities, wee cute noses, the way they clean their wee ears... ok I'll stop that now. But seriously, cats are great company and are always on call for a wee cuddle. 

I'm not sure how the cups one came around but I seem to have acquired a rather ecclectic range of cups and don't appear to be stopping - everything from cat ones (duh) to cactus ones...


Q: Whatever floats your boat! Whats on your bucket list then, to hold a record for the most cats?

A: Well I love me some Take That, so I'd definitely love to meet specifically Gary or Mark - boys if by some random chance you're reading this - GEEZ A CUDDLE.


Q: Fingers crossed.... Anyway, TV sitcom family - what one would you be a member of?

A: First thing that springs to mind is the Gilmore family from Gilmore Girls, I'm rather addicted to re-watching it and I love Rory and Lorelai's relationship. 


Q: Let's talk veg - what one would you be?

A: 100% a potato, I know that it's your typical answer, however I love to eat potatoes in any shape or form.


Q: You really can't go wrong with potato! Tell me, what's your favourite thing about working at BB?


Honestly, it's the people I work with. Coming straight from university into this big, new job was rather daunting but made so much easier by having a great bunch of friendly, patient, caring and funny people to work with, here at BB, who really made me feel comfortable and supported (and they are just as wonderful to each and every one of our clients).


Q: Well Louise, to round this off and let you get back to work - describe yourself in 3 words please.

A: Rather more difficult than I thought...


That's us for this week folks! 

We hope you enjoyed this edition and we'll see you next week.

Until then,