Well you're probably not thinking that, however we're here to make it a happy Monday for you!

In this week's meet the team edition you're getting to meet our funny Accounts Administrator with the broken filter, Jo(h)...

Corn on the cob Branding Boutique
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scissors branding boutique

Q: Bet you've been so excited for your turn eh Jo - so let's start off with what a typical day in the office looks like for you.

A: Oh aye, definitely, couldn't wait... 

Well, it's like a mountain of paper that keeps me well hidden under a hot cup of coffee - imagine a kids' den type-thing, that's where I'm hiding. I'm the big bad one in here, the one moaning about not having a receipt for a penny or trawling through quotes to match invoices. 

I think they dread my few days in the office ha ha. 


Q: Oh I doubt that! Tell me, do you have a favourite thing to do in autumn? 

A: Having two young kids means it's always puddle jumping afternoons, with a slow cooker dinner waiting and a nice hot bath to keep the cold at bay. 


Q: If there was a movie made about your life, what genre do you think it would be?

A: Comedy. There's never a serious moment in my life and if there is I've learned to laugh at it - best way forward.  


Q: Speaking of funny then, have you any weird quirks?

A: Quirk...likely it's my broken filter and inability to keep quiet of what's on the tip of my tongue. Usually resulting in lots of laughter...


Q: How about any addictions?

A: Hairdressing - I can't seem to put the scissors down or walk by a new product without trying it!


Q: Handy for a hair-cut eh! Tell me something on your bucket list...


I've jumped off the Titan Crane and I'm terrified of heights, so I'm ready for the next step in fear management...


Q: If you were part of a sitcom family who's would it be?

A: The Goldbergs, I'd be like Beverly as yes I am a smother. 


Q: From one odd question to the next: if you were a vegetable, what one would you be?

A: Oh a corn on the cob - ensuring you're always left with something to pick out of your teeth!


Q: Ha ha, good answer. Nearly done, tell me what's your favourite thing about working at BB?

A: Apart from the HOT tea and coffee (all that maternity leave makes me really appreciate an actual hot cup). 

I love how creative an agency it is, it's diverse, there's always a buzz with lots going on, always a deadline and always lots of laughter. 

It's a tight team who aren't easily lead, well until it comes to Friday biscuits/cakes/jellybeans that is...


Q: Finally Jo, could you give me three words to describe yourself?



We hope we're continually giving your Mondays a little lift.

As always, check back next week and meet someone new again.

Until then,