It Must BB Love...

Ah, Valentine's Day. What's not to love about heart-shaped sweeties, red red roses and smushy romantic declarations in the form of overpriced greetings cards?!

Seriously though... at BBHQ, we do love a bit of romance. We're all about the love, too. And Valentine's Day provides us all with the perfect chance to break out the big guns and tell those who we really care about how much they mean to us. 

At BB in particular, as we approach our 15th Birthday, we've found it's given us a great opportunity to reflect and reminisce. We're been fortunate enough to have clients who we've worked with since day one, some for over a decade, and many for several years. It's these relationships which have helped make BB who we are today, and which help make every day fun, fruitful and full of new projects and ideas.

We love nothing more than the passion behind a branding project, the raised pulse of a last minute deadline, or the butterflies in our stomachs when we see a client enjoy success through a campaign we've produced for them. And we would love today - on the most appropriate of days - to say thank you to our clients and colleagues for being so utterly superb.

Reminiscence also brought us to one particular Valentine's favourite enjoyed by all of the team: the beloved mixed tape. You can keep your chocolates and bouquet* - nothing says "I love you" more than hours spent painstakingly selecting 90 minutes worth of meaningful music.

While technology has made it easier to compile the playlist, choosing favourites is still a challenge!

We've carefully curated 15 of our favourite Love Songs for your listening pleasure, each of which argued over for inclusion** by all at Team BB.

Any belters that we've missed out?

Let us know on and we'll consider whether they are worthy of inclusion.
There's still room for a B Side...

Enjoy! And have a very Happy Valentine's Day, too.

*Well, unless you really insist. In which case, red is our favourite colour...
** Apart from Queen. Everybody loves Queen.